Basic Network

physical layer (Layer 1) of the OSI adaptation

physical layer (Layer 1) of the OSI adaptation. The physical layer is responsible for the last word transmission of data over community communications media. It operates with information in the form of bits which can be sent from the physical layer of the sending (supply) device and bought at the physical layer of the vacation […]

what is Ethernet ?

Ethernet is a physical and knowledge link layer expertise for local area networks (LANs). Ethernet was once invented via engineer Robert Metcalfe. When first extensively deployed in the 1980s, Ethernet supported a most theoretical data price of 10 megabits per second (Mbps). Later, so-referred to as “quick Ethernet” requirements increased this maximum knowledge fee to […]

Connection Sharing with Proxy Servers

Connection Sharing with Proxy Servers various software products for connection sharing on small dwelling networks have seemed in latest years. In medium- and massive-sized networks, alternatively, precise proxy servers supply a extra scalable and cost-effective various for shared internet get admission to. quite than give each client computer an immediate web connection, all inside connections […]

One Book


Mac OS X Panther QuickSteps

gives simple-to-practice directions on how one can use Mac OS x Panther. Covers the way to set up and run applications, browse the web, ship e mail, master multimedia, set up a network, and more. colour-coded thumb tabs. Full-shade format. Softcover. for Mac OS X guide worth About: $16.99