Basic Network

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

community communications protocol often employed for Voice over IP (VoIP) signaling. In VoIP networking, SIP is an alternate way to signaling using the H.323 protocol standards. SIP is designed to enhance the calling options of traditional telephone systems. then again, unlike the normal SS7 expertise for phone signaling, SIP is a peer-to-peer protocol. SIP can […]

what’s an IP handle warfare?

An IP deal with battle happens when two computers on a LAN (local house community) or the internet had been assigned the identical IP deal with. IP conflicts between two computer systems most often render both one or both of them unusable for community operations. How IP address Conflicts happen Two computer systems can gather […]

what’s ip model 6

internet Protocol model 6 (IPv6) is the next-era internet Layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks and the internet. IPv4 is presently[update] the dominant internet Protocol version, and was the primary to obtain well-liked use. In December 1998, the web Engineering task pressure (IETF) distinctive IPv6 as the successor to model 4 by the newsletter of a […]

One Book


Parallel Programming with Microsoft .web: Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination on Multicore Architectures (Patterns & Practices)

The CPU meter displays the problem. One core is running at one hundred pc, however the entire other cores are idle. Your utility is CPU-sure, however you’re using handiest a fraction of the computing energy of your multicore gadget. What subsequent? the reply, in a nutshell, is parallel programming. the place you as soon as […]