Basic Network

CAT6 Ethernet cable usual

CAT6 is an Ethernet cable standard outlined through the digital Industries affiliation and Telecommunications industry association (usually referred to as EIA/TIA). CAT6 is the sixth technology of twisted pair Ethernet cabling. CAT6 cable comprises four pairs of copper wire just like the previous generation CAT5. in contrast to CAT5, on the other hand, CAT6 absolutely […]

DMZ Firewall

In laptop networking, DMZ is a firewall configuration for securing local area networks (LANs). In a DMZ configuration, most computers on the LAN run in the back of a firewall related to a public network just like the internet. a number of computer systems additionally run outside the firewall, in the DMZ. those computer systems […]

body Relay

frame relay is a knowledge hyperlink community protocol designed to switch knowledge on broad house Networks (WANs). body relay works over fiber optic or ISDN traces. The protocol offers low latency and to reduce overhead, does perform any error correction, which is as an alternative handled by means of different elements of the network. frame […]

One Book


UML for Database Design

(Pearson schooling) text in UML for database design, the use of a operating case study all over the textual content for instance key concepts and techniques, with appendices containing the true UML fashions from the case study. Discusses the whole thing from transferring to the trade machine version to developing tables from lessons. Softcover. DLC: […]