Basic Network

GHz and MHz – Gigahertz and Megahertz

In wireless communications, the time period “Hz” (reported Hertz after the name of nineteenth century scientist Heinrich Hertz) refers to the transmission frequency of radio alerts in cycles per 2nd. 1 MHz (Megahertz) equals a million cycles per second, whereas 1 GHz (Gigahertz) equals one billion cycles per 2d or 1000 MHz. Bluetooth and WiFi […]


In computer networking, a spine is a primary conduit designed to switch community site visitors at high speeds. network backbones are designed to maximise the reliability and efficiency of huge-scale, long-distance data communications. the very best recognized community backbones had been those used on the net. Backbones in most cases encompass network routers and switches […]

Novell NetWare

The NetWare running system used to be one of the crucial first device merchandise built for the networking of private computer systems (PCs). NetWare emphasizes file and print serving capabilities, and the predominant use of NetWare is as a LAN server. Early model of NetWare appeared within the late 1980s, and nowadays NetWare enjoys an […]

One Book


information Processing and Routing in wireless Sensor Networks

This e book presents state-of-the-art pass-layer optimization ways for power-environment friendly data processing and routing in wi-fi sensor networks. along with providing a survey on this vital analysis house, three specific issues are mentioned in detail – data processing in a collocated cluster, information transport over a tree substrate, and information routing for computationally intensive […]