the right way to utterly restoration a Sony Vaio laptop windows 7?

just right evening everybody =)i wanted to ask, how can i do to totally restore my Sony Vaio computer with home windows 7 with out cd? virtually, the use of commands within the pc?i tried however i can no longer determine how you can ç_çthanks all prematurely =)

bar the right way to utterly restoration a Sony Vaio laptop windows 7?

bar the right way to utterly restoration a Sony Vaio laptop windows 7?


  1. Dream says:

    What do you mean by “restore”? Do you want formatted and reinstalled Win 7? So I’m sorry, but no CD can not. However, if you like to create a startup disk for use in case of problems, you can download it from one of these sites (the use of these utilities do not allow re-installation of Windows 7, but only offer the possibility of repair and recovery system. ):http://www. Tuttogratis. it/software_gratis/scaricare_il_disco_di_ripristino_per_windows_7 /http://www. tecnoreview. it/2009/10/20/neosmart-ripristinare-windows-7-in-caso-di-malfunzionamento /

  2. Il Nick says:

    Usually there are applications preinstalled on laptops that provide a recovery. you can watch if you have a program like pc sony vaio weblog. if there is no download the trial version of Win7 and do a system restore! hello hello

  3. SHADOW LIONHEART(c) says:

    Or make sure you recover your recovery disks, or you buy a new license.Do not try to retrieve a copy of Windows is not genuine because you would have only problems with piracy.If you do not want to buy a genuine license you should try installing a free software operating system like Ubuntu Linux that this end of the month is finally released version 10. 04 called Lucid Lynx and is a LTS version, or a version with long-term support.So for 3 years of updates and support will be fully valid.With all that Ubuntu is immune to viruses, is free and can be downloaded legally without paying any license.More details: http://www. ubuntu-it. org

  4. pippo says:

    when the computer functions given more options, usually at the bottom and bring the keys to type to get into safe mode or restoring the system, usually 0 f9 f11 but this depends on the brand of the PC manufacturer, in my case (HP) and the combination f11.As you ask the second parthttp://www. italiasw. com/guide/windows-7/configurazione-ripristino-sistema-in-windows-7_4159. htmlRemember, you can create you a recovery disc, takes a few MB and you can either let it burn to cd into the pc (recovery disk).http://blog. shift. it/2010/02/09/come-ripristinare-windows-xp-vista-o-7-senza-dischi-di-ripristino /http://www. manualissimo.http://www. Geekissimo. com/2009/01/23/windows-7-la-funzione-create-a-recovery-disc /

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