Wifi connection drawback SONY VAIO?

hey, a few months ago that I despair: i will be able to not connect to web with my sony vaio laptop equipped with WiFi, apart from me. it is very aggravating as a result of i need it-on the university, library, at chums. . . The worst part is that ahead of it worked! I have no viruses. the difficulty is: after I wish to join, I click on doe network, I enter the wireless key, and most often it asks me to create a new profile. from time to time he asks me, every now and then not. So I create a profile or now not, after which try to open Mozilla Firefox or internet Explorer: The page says i can not login. once I click on on diagnose networks, it makes me that there is no drawback. . .I’ve tried disabling managing my antivirus, it changes nothing. I cry of rage, I truly want to be related presently. help me!

bar Wifi connection drawback SONY VAIO?

bar Wifi connection drawback SONY VAIO?


  1. Cal Friteuse says:

    Would there not a “small” button with the symbol above the top-Fi?if so, pressed and if you see a blue light tite, you’re connected.

  2. golden004 says:

    hello,Type 192. 168. 1. 1 in the browser window (it ‘s top).Once on the configuration page of your box, use the tab “Fi “.Make sure that MAC filtering is off.In the same configuration page go mode “54g” to “11b”, if your computer is fairly old.Check the front panel buttons to activate the wifi is pressed, and the panelconfiguration / system / device driver that the card is properly installed and activated.And go through Add / Supp programs through the Control Panel to uninstall the software connection configuration.Good luck.

  3. zinounet says:

    connects you with infrastructure and not HAD doc

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