windows 7 level sqlite3_wal_checkpoint … library SQLite3.dll

windows 7 is crashing upon startup with the message “The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could no longer be positioned in the dynamic hyperlink library SQLite3.dll.

answer 1:
1. temporarily shut down anti-virus and firewall tool
2. Open control Panel, packages and contours (or Add and cast off packages), and go to the uninstall part
3. put off all Apple products in this order – iTunes, Quicktime, Apple device update, Apple cellular device enhance, Bonjour, Apple utility strengthen. you do not need to remove Safari
4. Restart laptop
5. Go to Apple.com and obtain newest version of iTunes
6. Re-install

answer 2:
reproduction the file SQLite3.dll from the C:software informationstandard informationAppleApple utility give a boost to folder to the C:application filesstandard informationApplecell software reinforce folder

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