How do the police recuperate deleted recordsdata from a pc?

Me and a pal had been talking today about how they get well deleted information from a pc, and whether it is nonetheless there how come you will have the gap. I didn’t have a solution for this. If any individual can help us with this knowledge i’ll pass it on.
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bar How do the police recuperate deleted recordsdata from a pc?

bar How do the police recuperate deleted recordsdata from a pc?


  1. Clyon says:

    because when you delete something on a computer you dont delete the entire thing you just delete the access to it

    think of a program or a file as a house, and all you do wen you delete it is delete the doorway into the house

    the house is still there but you cant get in

    police can cause they use windows

  2. Joe Jackson says:

    I’m not sure exactly, but it’s encoded somehow on the computer’s drive. It’s just the same as deleting an email, it’s still on a server somewhere.

  3. PM35 says:

    They have a machine that reads the platters on a hard-drive. When you delete something it never really disappears, it is still stored on the hard drive, it just removes it for space. There are devices that you can purchase to recover files wiped on a hard drive but the can become very complicated or expensive.

    Also, the only way to truly delete a file on a hard drive is to use a magnetic device that scrambles the stored data :)

  4. Litoallie says:

    When your computer erases the program or files from it’s memory, the file is then stored in some back files, so in reality it is never really deleted. I don’t believe they can retrieve things like games.. and so on. But they can definitely retrieve files back. All they have to do is install a software on the computer they want to hack into and search for the files for that specific day. You computer has an option to restore it back to “x days ago”, so really it logs everything you do without you knowing.

  5. irig says:

    Undelete software will help recover the deleted files. The deleted files traces are stored on the hard disk and it is used to recover it

  6. TitoBob says:

    Ordinary “deletion” of files simply changes the first character of the filename to a question mark, so that the space the file occupies is available to be written over. However, if the space isn’t written over, a program can bypass the question mark character and open the file. There are a number of things you can do to fully delete a file, one of which is to overwrite it with a new file. However, unless you know exactly where that file is, you would have to rely on chance to write a new file over top of it.

    You could run a defrag program, which is supposed to rearrange files on the hard drive in a more efficient manner, and in doing so it would write over any files that had been tagged as “deleted” – but you might miss some if they were in the areas not needed by the defrag program.

    The best thing to do is to have an “overwrite” security program, which will write a series of zeros or ones in place of the deleted file, thus truly deleting the file forever.

  7. my_pseudonym says:

    When you delete a file the you are usually not removing the data itself. Every computer disk has something called the FAT or file allocation table. The FAT is essentially a roadmap to where all the data is placed. When you delete a file you are just removing the entry from the FAT. Just like if you erased a street name from a map the houses would not suddenly disappear;) One the FAT entry has been deleted, the computer views those locations as empty space and in time will write other data over those locations. If you did not write over those locations then anyone with an undelete program can do a pretty good job of recovering those files. There are more sophisticated CSI type methods of recovering data that has been overwritten which involve looking for residual magnetic signatures, but those are not generally available to us common folk, although some of the more sophisticated data recovery firms may be using tools like that.

  8. Fouji ANTIVIRUS says:

    ya they use data recovery programs

  9. ShaneTFletcher says:

    Anyone can recovery deleted data, like everyone said, the data which is deleted is not totally deleted.
    There are several ways to delete deleted files, you can use Auslogics BoostSpeed or other softwares, using a megnet device is just stupid.

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