How do I get my pc to forestall automatically connecting with a wireless community that isn’t mine?

i have a linksys router that i exploit that works nice however each time I activate my laptop it always connects to some other neighborhood community referred to as “netgear” and i don’t want to be connected to netgear. I want to be related to linksys.

bar How do I get my pc to forestall automatically connecting with a wireless community that isnt mine?

bar How do I get my pc to forestall automatically connecting with a wireless community that isnt mine?

In summary: What do I do to get my laptop stop making netgear the default wireless community and to begin getting linksys as my default wi-fi community?
i’ve a linksys router that i take advantage of that works great but every time I activate my laptop it always connects to some different neighborhood network called “netgear” and i don’t need to be related to netgear. I want to be linked to linksys.

however DONT GET ME wrong- I DO be aware of disconnect from netgear and reconnect to linksys. I simply do not know how one can make my laptop to robotically connect to linksys and that’s my main purpose and reason for asking this question.

In abstract: What do I do to get my laptop to forestall making netgear the default wireless community and to start getting linksys as my default wi-fi network?


  1. Nate says:

    If you use the windows wireless utility to configure your wireless, go to start-control panel-network connections-right click on wireless connections and choose properties-wireless networks tab-now you should see all your wireless networks that you have added along the way and you can add/remove them as needed.

    If you used some other wireless configuration tool (Linksys, Netgear, etc…) then you need to use their wireless configuration program to add/remove the wireless profiles.

    Hope that helps!

  2. invisigirl2325 says:

    Right click on the wireless network icon in your task bar and select “view available wireless networks”. On the left side of that window, you should see an option to change the order of preferred networks. Click on that and you will open up another window letting you put the networks in order of which one you want your computer to connect to first. Put yours at the top but also make sure it is actually highlighted. Mine actually lists mine second but it is selected as my first option. Click “ok” when you are done and you should be permanently set to connect to your network first.

  3. EdSF says:

    The first 2 answer are missing one more step/partially correct.

    Chances are that you said “Yes” to connect to “netgear” in the past. So in the list of preferred networks, delete it.

    You can do this to any other network you don’t recognize in that list – just make sure that you don’t actually use it before deleting it. But even if you did accidentally delete one, all that means is that you’ll have to add it in again – it not disastrous so to speak.

  4. Dunbar Pappy says:

    If you’re using Windows to configure your Wifi, go to Control Panel> Wireless Network Connections> Wireless Networks tab; here you’ll need to identify all wifi networks your system ‘sees’, then for your own network, highlight it, then ‘move up’ to the top of the list: then, go to ‘Advanced’ button, tick ‘access points only’ and uncheck ‘Automatically connect to non-preferred networks’>close> OK

  5. I have windows 7 starter on my net book and every time I start it the WiFi conects to the default WiFi down the street and another house. I can reconect to my WiFi realy easy but have to do it every time I turn on the net book. any clues on how to keep it from hooking into the house down the street.


  6. MC says:

    Scoutmagazine, I have exactly the same issue and cannot for the life of me stop it happening. If I delete the network from the list or even in the profiles it just keeps coming back! Can’t find a solution anywhere. Some say it’s a bug with Win 7??

    Have you sorted it?


  7. J. Wells says:

    Is a Mac laptop compatible with all internet providers..coworker states that they had problems with firewalls etc..with timewarner.

  8. Jim says:

    Windows in many cases will take the easiest path for a wireless connection. The above comments / solutions will work if there is wep, wpa, wpa2 etc. used. If the annoying neighbors router is running unsecured, windows will connect to it first every time. Then, it will finally see to connect to the correct one listed in the profile. The best solution is to manually type in an ip that is not the default one. ie: don’t use or as the gateway. good luck.

  9. Willem says:

    I have the same problem, using a sitecom router. There is this network that my computer keeps connecting to automatically, but I cannot find it in the list of wireless networks. If i rightclick on it, i only see ‘connect’ whereas my other network (the one i use) shows ‘connect, properties and disconnect’ . Does anybody know where I can delete this ‘invisible’ network that’s causing I have to keep unclicking the automatically connect button. Thanks!

  10. Willem says:

    I have the same problem. Using windows 7, I use a sitecom router, but a wireless network from the neighbours, called speedtouch keeps popping up. When I rightclick on it, it only shows ‘connect’ whereas my sitecom says ‘connect, properties and disconnect’. In the list of wireless connections the speedtouch network isnt even visible so i cant delete it there. It’s very frustrating that it keeps connecting to this network automatically. Does anyone know where I might be able to delete this network? Thanks!

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