How do I add my Hotmail contacts to Skype?

And advised me they used the device “Import Contacts”. the issue is that i take advantage of Skype for Mac OS X and most effective let me import contacts from Entourage or tackle e-book. someone who can help me to import contacts from Hotmail straight away.

bar How do I add my Hotmail contacts to Skype?

bar How do I add my Hotmail contacts to Skype?


  1. valentin says:

    ni idea but!!

  2. ಠ_ಠ MarioBros says:

    also leaves you the option to others. . . to see if that list leaves you hotmail. . ?

  3. Crístofer says:

    First, you can not import and Hotmail contacts and your Skype contact list as an essential requirement is that those users have an account with Skype, and certainly not all of your contacts with Skype.Second, each of your contacts will have a different security credentials of its Hotmail e-mail, so it’s best to ask each of the contacts you want to add Skype to provide you credentials to connect to Skype.Be careful with those things as Skype and Messenger are not the same. Skype is an IP telephony application mainly, but also has chat features, and purely Messenger is a chat application, but was later adding video (not the same as calls VOIP or IP telephony), among other things.So, no choice but to ask you a contact for their credentials, although it is true that the Windows version allows you to do a mass mailing to your contacts an email asking what Skype and making you add in what they do click a link in this mail, but why do not you better work a nice mail asking for Skype credentials, and provide them with the way yours? It is perhaps somewhat better than machining, hahaha. . .Regards, and luck.-CGC-

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