How do you add contacts to WhatsApp Android?

I cant determine methods to add contacts to WhatsApp Android. My friend has the phone quantity for her whatsapp, however I dont understand how. i tried adding the # to my contacts and then going to menu > contacts > # nevertheless it just does common contact information. help?

bar How do you add contacts to WhatsApp Android?

bar How do you add contacts to WhatsApp Android?


  1. Mahir says:

    just add her to your contacts and go to favorites. you will see her there! :)

  2. Brian Acton says:

    Double check your friends number. If your friend is international, you will have to prefix with + and country code on the phone number.

    After you double check, try Chats > + > Menu > Refresh

    If your friend still does not appear, email android-support@whatsapp.com and tell them your friends number. They can check to make sure that your friend is properly registered.

  3. B A says:

    WhatsApp works with phone numbers in your phone address book. If you want to chat with a friend that is not in your address book, simply add their phone number into your address book.

    After that, return to WhatsApp and tap on “+” — Choose a Contact. You should see your friend now appear there. If you don’t, try Menu > Refresh to see if that helps.

  4. caio says:

    i installed the app in my htc wildfire…
    i dont have those options.. refresh, i searched the hole app… the same thing happens to me.. when i click in contacts, its shows normal contact info from my phones adress book

  5. Johan says:

    I dont egen get a “+” sign? And The only contact that I Have, added me when I nĂ¥de the initial invite on facebook? I just confirmed hum. So how the hell do I search and add New contacts?

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