Is there a technique to use a wireless router with out disconnecting my wired router?

neatly i am investing in a wireless router however i do not need to disconnect my wired one. Is there a option to arrange my wireless modem and still have my wired router connected? And if there’s a technique, is there an obstacle in having each the wired and wi-fi operating at the same time?

bar Is there a technique to use a wireless router with out disconnecting my wired router?

bar Is there a technique to use a wireless router with out disconnecting my wired router?


  1. niteawul says:

    first, the only disadvantages:

    routing is more complex than a simple connection. without getting to technical, the router must temporarily store information about data transmission, since your computer isn’t actually what’s connected to the internet, it’s the router. the router acts as a mediator between your computer and the internet, for lack of better words.

    doing the work it takes to do all this, there is a slight delay in time. so adding an additional router will multiply your latency by 2.

    also, if you use VPN to log into work from home, it would be very difficult to get this to work properly.

    you may have to reassign one of your router’s LAN IP addresses. you may introduce some network connection conflicts if they were shipped with the same IP address.

    you will also want to turn off the DHCP server on one of the routers.

    i don’t personally see a problem with what you’re trying to do. technically, it should work. however, you may need some help from someone who knows networking to perform the above tasks. i work as a network engineer, and we generally connect network devices in this manner: router > switch > hub, however router > router any connection method will work with the necessary precautions and planning.

    I would recommend getting a switch and connecting the switch to the new wireless router. if the only reason is the additional ports, check out http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833127083 (5-port gigabit network switch). this will eliminate a lot of frustration in configurations.

  2. Bird says:

    Wireless routers also have slots for network cords/wired connections. Your best move is to use just one router. You certainly can use more than one, but it makes things more complicated. And since you can hard wire to a wireless router, there really is no reason to keep both.

  3. scrubbag says:

    You can plug your wireless into your router, in some cases, but I think, as Bird says, that since you are going to get a router anyway, why not get one that is combined router modem, wireless.

    Like the Actiontec GT724WGR, which has four ports for Wired ethernet, and is also set up for wireless if you want to use it that way, and you can use both at the same time.

    I have two computers using wired ethernet and one laptop currently using wireless, all off the same router.

    There are others out there, I just used the name of the one I am using.

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