how many WiFi repeaters wouldn’t it take to duvet 2 miles?

I wan’t to rig up a bunch of WiFi repeaters to sunlight panels and canopy a strait two mile space.

bar how many WiFi repeaters wouldnt it take to duvet 2 miles?

bar how many WiFi repeaters wouldnt it take to duvet 2 miles?


  1. Katie W says:

    I think the max range is usually around 100 feet? So, with 5,280 feet in a mile, that’s 5280 ft/mile x 2 miles x 1/100 repeaters/foot = about 106 repeaters. Assuming that nobody steals one or runs one over or it’s raining or have other interference or….

  2. wuh huh?!? says:

    if each one covered about 500 feet and there are 5,280 feet in a mile you’d need 10.5 repeaters for every mile and 21 for 2 miles.
    Are you going to actually try this? If so let me know how it goes.

  3. Gene M says:

    Do you want to provide WLAN access along the entire 2 miles, or just connect to a point 2 miles away? If you want to provide coverage, a good antenna could extend 11b/g signal to maybe 500 feet, but if you are not concerned about providing signal to users along the way, some directional antenna claim 2 mile distances.


  4. johntrottier says:

    Are you trying to get wifi coverage for an entire 2 mile area or just bridge a straight line 2 mile gap?
    Because covering a 2 mile AREA is impractical with standard residential equipment. The number of 100 meter circles (the max range of a home wifi router) that fit inside a 2 mile circle is 1239

    If you want to try to relay over a straight line distance of 2 mile, you can use high gain directional antennas on all units. That would let you get about 3 times the standard distance between units. That might cut down the number of repeaters needed to say 10 to 15. Still not really practical, but better

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