WPA2-PSK security kind?

I just changed the protection settings from WPA to WPA2 as some individuals mentioned its better and more secure…So I related my wi-fi computer to the web and the safety type used to be WPA2-PSK…I was just questioning what’s PSK and is WPA2 actually safer and higher or is it prone to hacking and stuff?

bar WPA2 PSK security kind?

bar WPA2 PSK security kind?

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  1. Synful Visions says:

    PSK indicates that it uses a Pre Shared Key, this is common amongst all basic wireless encryptions.

    WPA2 is more secure. WPA is simply WEP with TKIP added on. Both can be cracked in less than a minute by a skilled attacker.

    WPA2 has weaknesses, but it’s the strongest you’ll be able to implement on your network.

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