How do you turn on wi-fi functionality on a Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop computer?

i attempted the FN key and F2 keys together. failed to work. there may be now switch on the bottom or sides both. Tried all kinds of other combos with the function key and the F keys. Nothing works. It labored fantastic the other day and now it just says that the wireless functionality must be grew to become back on. Please lend a hand. thanks.

bar How do you turn on wi fi functionality on a Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop computer?

bar How do you turn on wi fi functionality on a Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop computer?


  1. Joe says:

    There is a series of buttons above the keyboard. It’s the one to the very left. looks sort of like a dish antenna; a dot and an oval.

  2. JOCKY says:

    Your wireless lan is turned off in the power settings management
    (hit the battery icon ) choose wireless lan and Ibet you it is off select on and apply now rarely this will be turned off and if you are having wireless problems always refer to this before looking elsewhere as for why this happens I have not a clue but Istumbled on it when I was
    having problems with mine and now its the first thing I check

  3. shelbyguy84 says:

    Locate the Windows Mobiilty Center app on your laptop. There’s a button in that program that turns wireless on and off.

    According to your manual, if you press the windows shortcut key on your keyboard and the ‘X” key at the same time, the WMC app will open…

    or you can click its icon in your Control Panel.

  4. litlfitz says:

    click on start then select connect to -> then click on wireless connection and from there you can enable “turn it on”

  5. Edteck says:

    Here is what I found from a support forum.

    Update window through windows update site, after you finish the express update, choose custom update, and you will find on the left of the screen there is 2 hardware update, one of them is for the wireless driver,

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