what’s the distinction between 10/100 Ethernet and wireless?

Who can tell me the difference between 10/one hundred Ethernetand 10/a hundred Ethernet + wireless 802nd 11B provide an explanation for?What is better and why?

bar whats the distinction between 10/100 Ethernet and wireless?

bar whats the distinction between 10/100 Ethernet and wireless?


  1. fat_b says:

    the one is just the ethernet port. .and the other is dependent wlan here. . .would you estimate you will see as a supply for a laptop!

  2. Tobias says:

    10/100 Ethernet port with a cable, wireless, however, is wireless. What do you take depends on your preferences. If you prefer to stay mobile, I would recommend wireless if you put more value on security, I would recommend Ethernet (which requires no security will be made).Tobias

  3. difficultchild_2005 says:

    First, we must distinguish between Ethernet and wireless.Ethernet is a wired network technology, while wireless is wireless, ie radio network.The second part of your question relates to data transmission speeds. 10/100 Ethernet with means that the network card that is so excellent, is designed for networks with a transmission speed of 10 Mbit / sec and 100 Mbit / second.Wireless 802nd 11B is the designation for the standard of a wireless connection. 802. 11B is a maximum data transfer rate makes from 11 Mbit / second.Many make the transmission rate using a conversion error. It is wrong if someone says he has a network card with a transfer rate of 100 MB / s. CORRECT would be because 100 Mbps or 100 Mbps / s.If one wants to know how many megabytes really be transferred per second, then you have to share the Mbit Mbps or more by 8.In the above example that means that the speed of 12.5 MB / sec.This Berrechnung considerations apply also in the determination of modem or ISDN speeds

  4. fish says:

    Has both advantages and disadvantagesIf you have Ethernet cables, For Wireless (Bluetooth) no.Personal opinion: Better use Ethernet because the Bluetooth interface you can be hacked fairly easily, since this compound under certain conditions may be more easily opened by unauthorized persons.The radio data containing fly through something like the space, the power over your cable is bigger.

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