variations and advantages or negative aspects of domain over workgroup?

What are the advantages/disadvantages and the major differences in using a domain in networking computer systems over using a particular workgroup name?

bar variations and advantages or negative aspects of domain over workgroup?

bar variations and advantages or negative aspects of domain over workgroup?


  1. chezzrob says:

    domain is advantage when you got more than a few computers

    with a domain you can have better control of priveleges, backup service for important files

  2. IMMI says:

    No disadvantage

    Advantage is you can centaly oprate the network you never always get up from your seat to repair the other pc

    you can controle each and every system and user on your server

    and your network is more secure than over workgroup

  3. hunting_nighthawk says:

    Workgroups are a collection of computers without any central administration.

    Domains are managed centrally by using domain controllers and provide a higher level of security and control over your users and computers. You could group users and computers and then manage them using policies which dictate things such as which group of users are able to access certain resources or perform some specific task which needs elevated priviliges or the logon times.

    Also, over the time as your infrastructure expands, you could divide your domain into subdomains and delegate the administration duties to other administrators to manage their subdomains.

  4. JohnEE says:

    A workgroup is a basic network infrastructure with slack security control and there is basically no central controlling administrative center.
    A workgroup is more synonymous with small networks – one where it does not warrant to have a domain network installed. With a workgroup no other extra computers are required and by far the cheapest setup for a local inhouse network.

    A domain on the other hand is more complicated and suitable for large businesses with many computers and departments within departments like a university structure or the structure within the Microsoft corporation.
    Domains have extra computers to oversee the normal functioning of the corporate computers and security and sharing of data is high on the agenda.

  5. net_tech06 says:

    Advantage of worgroup vs Domain? Cost. Workgroups are peer to peer where as Domains are Server/Client. So by having a domain it costs more by purchasing a Server and the Server OS (Windows Server 2003) then it would be to have a workgroup. Advantage of Domain vs Workgroup? Domains have greater control over the clients. You can remotely install software and operating systems. Hope this helps.

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