Firesheep downside:Cc isn’t defined?

i have an issue with the addone “Firesheep”
Like I mentioned it shows error When i attempt to open “Preferences”
because once I click on on start, he does nothing, now not even button changes to “stop”
working gadget XPSP3
Already installed Winpcap

bar Firesheep downside:Cc isnt defined?

bar Firesheep downside:Cc isnt defined?


  1. ROFLAMO says:

    please someone help us, i’ve got the same problem, i also already istalled wincap.
    im running on windows xp sp3.

  2. Gary G W says:

    im answering so i can 250 points

  3. MM says:

    This plug-in is much to do about nothing. It is easily stopped using a simple VPN as shown on these pages.


    The VPN will prevent the snooping and packet sniffing. Of course if you are not using a VPN then you are at risk. But it’s pretty easy these days to get one so there isn’t much excuse for not being protected.

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