Managed WiFi

What is Managed Wifi? Managed Wifi is an unadvertised outsource wireless network which enables customers, executives, or residence-based clients to access the Internet through a series of access points around a property, ensuring property-wide wireless access. Managed Wifi solutions simplify and expedite the process for providing access to the Internet by having a company to manage and maintain the various wireless networks connected to a property. In most cases the management company will have knowledge of several reputable Internet Service Providers (ISP) and will be able to find a partner that best suits your business requirements.

Businesses can benefit from this service because it eliminates the need for staff to physically monitor multiple access points, and it also reduces the need for additional expense for IT support and maintenance. Managed Wifi providers offer the same benefits as a cloud-based service, such as multiple access points, secure data encryption and authentication, dynamic billing and real-time billing updates, automatic device discovery and configuration, quality management and server optimization. Managed Wifi is based on open standards, meaning businesses don’t need to invest in new hardware, software, or peripherals to start enjoying the benefits of this new technology. Managed Wifi providers can handle all the technical details, leaving the customer with just the benefits he or she wants and requires.

How do you find a managed wifi solution?

First, you must identify your company’s specific needs. Once you’ve identified your requirements, you’ll be in a better position to choose a Managed Wifi provider. Look for a provider that has a track record of success and experience, affordable rates, and an easy to use website. Look for a provider with exceptional customer service.

Why choose a managed wireless network over other alternatives? Managed Wifi providers are able to offer a truly wireless system without the hassle of setting up a traditional wireless network. Setting up wireless networks is time consuming and confusing for most business owners. Businesses need their employees to be mobile and using managed wifi providers allows them to be ready at any time to provide their customers with wireless service.

Why use a Managed Wifi system?

Managed Wifi is ideal for businesses that don’t have a large number of employees, but do need to have wireless internet services in different locations. You can set up individual access points in different locations if you have multiple departments. You can also create ‘group’ access points, allowing each employee to share a laptop or tablet computer with the group they belong to, provided they have access to wireless internet. These Managed Wifi systems use the same secure connection as your own personal wireless internet connection; your internet will remain confidential and secure.

Are there any advantages of using managed wifi providers? When you choose a managed wifi provider, you are providing a service that is more reliable than your own. With a reliable provider, you will receive better network reliability, which means that your site will load faster and your employees will have a better experience when on-site or off-site. This is especially useful when you have out of area clients; with better connectivity, you will be able to meet them at the store, or anywhere else they might need wifi.

Managed wifi providers can also help your business expand. If your company has limited resources and wants to connect with more customers or employees, your provider can help by setting up a wireless connection in key locations. This can help with employee morale, as well as improving the overall reliability of your site.

If your business requires strong and reliable connectivity, you should consider a managed wifi system for your office. You can purchase routers and access points that are easy to setup, and you can also use a managed service to manage your connections. A great advantage is that your employees and customers will receive reliable connectivity.

  • And if your company wants to connect with other businesses, you can set up a link without buying a huge license.
  • Your business can benefit from managed wifi solutions, even if you only have a small network.
  • A managed provider can provide a solution that can work for small businesses and large companies, large offices, and locations with poor connectivity.